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Tropic Thunder isn’t the only movie that is playing the movie-with-a-movie trailer game. The online marketing for How to Lose Friends and Alienate People has begun, and it somehow involves a new meta-movie trailer involving Megan Fox in an NC-17 Mother Teresa biopic. But of course, Fox isn’t Fox, but instead the actress in the movie inside the movie (confused?) Sophie Maes. The official fake trailer and plot synopsis follow:

“Teresa: The Making of a Saint follows the incredible story of Agnes, a beautiful young Macedonian woman growing up in a world torn apart by war. After receiving a message from God, Agnes travels to a remote nunnery to learn the ways of the Lord but, once there, her passions are aroused by a handsome young priest. These new feelings challenge her fairth and threaten to destory everything that she holds dear. The internal struggle leads Agnes to face the most difficult decision of her life. Will she give in to the urges consuming her or will she forsake all others to serve her God? The decision she makes would change the world forever.”

So, for all of you Megan Fox fans I uploaded everything that has to do with the faux movie. I think it’s pretty cool that she played along and what tops it all is that she is the hottest nun I ever saw.

Teresa: The Making Of A Saint Trailer Captures
Teresa: The Making Of A Saint Website Images
Teresa: The Making Of A Saint Official Desktops
Teresa: The Making Of A Saint Official Trailer & Download

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I’ve added pictures of Megan walking around Van Nuys, California with Brian Austin Green’s son Kassius. She seems like she gained some weight for Transformers 2.. She looks amazing! You can also see her holding a Marilyn Monroe book titled “Goddess: The Secret Lives Of Marilyn Monroe”. She sure does love her Marilyn 🙂

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10 HQ Addons

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It’s that time again when I make a huge gallery update. I’ve added 154 pictures of Megan in our gallery section. I still have more to add on that are saved on my computer but, I have other projects I need to attend to so thats all I could add for now. Most of the pictures are candids or event & appearances. I hope you guys enjoy viewing them 🙂

2007 Teen Choice Awards – 08/27/07 [HQ]

2007 MTV Movie Awards – 06/03/07 [HQ]

Juno Premiere – 12/03/07 [HQ]

Maxim’s 8th Annual Hot 100 Party – 05/16/07 [HQ]

Jennifer Blancs Birthday Party [HQ]

Sonya Dakaradwil Oscar Beauty and Gifting Lounge – 02/22/07 [MQ]

Mercedes-Benz Spring 2008 LA Fashion Week – 10/17/07 [HQ]

Premiere Of FOX’s “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” – 01/09/08 [HQ]

Spike TV’s 2nd Annual Guys Choice Awards (Show) – 05/30/08 [HQ]

Spike TV’s 2nd Annual Guys Choice Awards (Backstage) – 05/30/08 [HQ]

Spike TV’s 2nd Annual Guys Choice Awards (Audience) – 05/30/08 [HQ]

PSP Access Boutique – 09/12/05 [HQ]

Olympus Fashion Week – 09/12/05 [HQ]

Cosmopolitan Fun Fearless Female – 09/23/05 [HQ]

Leaving Studio In The Valley – 02/01/08 [HQ]

Getting Ice Cream With Brian In La – 10/07/07 [HQ]

In West Hollywood With Brian – 04/23/07 [HQ]

Around Los Angeles With Brian – 07/08/07 [HQ]

Photoshoot Set 011

Photoshoot Set 012

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