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Hello! Megan is the new face of Lotus watches. I’ve added to the gallery some new ads.

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Hi! You can find out the photoshoot for Frederick’s Of Hollywood‘s campaign! Megan is outstanding!

My @fredericks_hollywood campaign has launched. Stay tuned for more including my personal collection coming holiday 2017.

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  • Advertising Campaigns > STORMFALL – RISE OF BALUR > Photoshoot.
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Question: Which Avon product is your favorite?
Answer: Avon Instinct and Skin So Soft

Question: Will you be wearing your new fragrance?
Answer: Yes, of course

Question: How would you describe the freshness of your fragance?
Answer: It’s clean and fresh with floral fruity notes

Question: What are the distinctive smells of the Instinct fragrance?
Answer: Sandalwood and camellia

Question: Hey Megan, whats your favourite song to get ready to? It’d be awesome if you considered making a blog or something – your witty sarcasm is refreshing xo
Answer: I get ready to Ancient Aliens, the TV show

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