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The smoldering hot starlet Megan Fox took along her boyfriend Brian Austin Green and his son Kassius to lunch at Chin Chin Restaurant in North Hollywood in these beautiful and EXCLUSIVE fotos! After eating some good grub they tried to go to the “Psychic Cottage,” a store with Tarot cards and spiritual readings. Maybe Brian was trying to see if his career could be revived in the future? Fortune was not in their favor as the sign said “OPEN” but the store was closed. The three peered inside trying to get someone to open the shop up. It seems they were desperate for some supernatural guidance or perhaps they just wanted some incense. After trying to tempt the fates for a few minutes, no one answered and the couple left and went home disappointed. We’ll give you our spiritual reading Megan: We see another blockbuster in your future, but not a long relationship with your current beau. Sorry.

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Thanks to my friend Perla we now have pictures of Megan in the drive thru at Wendy’s on August 7th. I have no idea what is on her face, but the caption to these pictures said is was creme. Maybe she got a chemical peel?

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They are really making this fake movie really huge around the net lately, they even made stills! Lucky for us they’re Megan Fox as a nun. Thanks to Palpatine at CU for these. Also, Megan is supposibly in a movie called ‘Whore’ and we have a little mini poster from imdb you can check it out in the gallery the movie is about A large group of teens living on the streets of Hollywood and selling their bodies to stay alive struggle with the movie business that continues to slam one door after another in their face. The film dives deeply into their mental escapes and fantasies, the only thing that can relieve them of the dire situation they’ve found themselves in and the tole that future less hope can take on their friends, family, and most importantly…themselves. It releases on October 20, 2008. Last but not least there is a new gallery layout so go check it out also, enjoy!

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Teresa: The Making Of A Saint Stills
Whore Poster

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How hot is that poster? If anybody can find it online where I can buy it please let me know a.s.a.p! Not to mention it gets even better, Amanda Seyfried (Big Love, Mama Mia) says she makes out with Megan in a scene in which she said “We make out in one scene [in Jennifer’s Body]. That’ll probably be the trailer, in slo-mo.” YA DAMN RIGHT! lol anyways enjoy

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I’ve added captures from the trailer teaser ‘How to Lose Friends & Alienate People’. They’re all in HQ so I hope you guys like them, I’ll try and find the other trailers for the movie in HQ’s also and post them when I do.

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